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Looking for revealing photos of Big Mama Sue? Here they are! They reveal some of the costumes Big Mama Sue often wears when she's performing at theme parties, county fairs, Dixieland festivals, and other live appearances (what else did you think we meant by "revealing"?).

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Here we have Sue looking sassy in her flapper outfit. A "Puttin' on the Ritz" theme party is no problem for Big Mama Sue!

Dressed in classic "Red Hot Mama" attire, Sue is ready for a Wild West theme party or even Monte Carlo Night

It's Mardi Gras time! Sue and the trio are dressed for an exciting night of traditional New Orleans hot jazz. Perfect for a casino party too

Here's a wonderful old-time look for a Barbary Coast or California Gold Rush theme party

Playful but classy, here's a great look for casual entertainment

This is the perfect look for a classy event with a 1920's theme; just because the 20's were "roarin'" doesn't mean the music has to be; Sue and her trio can sound as smooth as silk if the situation calls for it

Sue and her sidekicks are always ready to put on a show for kids of all ages
Big Mama Sue adds her talent as a percussionist whenever the job calls for it

Let's head out to the boardwalk! Sue and her gang have a costume for almost every theme. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! 
These costumes were designed at the request of one of our major retail clients for their 1999 Children's Easter Fashion Show entertainment, and now they are available for everybody!
Every year, Big Mama Sue is magically transformed into everyone's favorite Mrs. Santa Claus during Christmastime

Big Mama and the Boys, Lee, Chris, Carlos and Westy. This is her current jazz festival lineup.
The elegant Ms. Mama looking lovely—what more can we say?

Here we have a look at Big Mama Sue "out in the field" (when you see the photo with horse, you'll understand why we say what we say).

Click on any one of the pictures below to view a full-sized version.

In this photo, Big Mama Sue poses with a great big stud; also pictured is banjo player Ed Erickson

Sue and her band lay out some "jumpin' jazz" for the happy crowd at this "Casino Night" theme party

Big Mama and her faithful sidekick are ready for an outdoor country & western shindig in these duds

Professionals to the core, Big Mama Sue's Dixieland Trio is not afraid to pose for a picture with a guy in a cow suit

Big Mama Sue and her banjo player perform the classic song, "Shine On Harvest Moon"

Big Mama Sue and her acoustic trio are off to entertain the crowds at the San Jose County Fair

With warm smiles, the Big Mama Sue Trio plays some cool jazz for cocktails

On stage at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Big Mama consoles her piano player, who's playing a console piano

Mama Claus (really Sue), accompanied by her band of jolly not-so-old elves, entertains the kids
Sue and Fast Eddie perform with their hearts at the Santa Cruz County Fair

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